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Steel Construction Manual 13th Edition, American Institute Of Steel Construction

I have been a longtime user of the AISC 9th edition, which is the "green steel bible", used it for 15 years. Please note the color of the book's cover, which I gave it such a name! However, since steel technology has changed so over the course of these years, I finally decided to purchase the 13th edition of the "black steel bible", please note the color of this book's cover, which I gave it such a name! What I like most about the 13th edition of the AISC "steel bible" is the flexibility in using both Allowable Stress Design (ASD) versus Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) as well as new terminology and illustrative descriptions of steel connections (bolted and welded connection types). They serve to improve the methods by which steel structures are supposed to be designed. Some of the other books like the one I ordered had a CD-ROM included, mine did not. For now, I'm not cringing on having purchased a "used" steel bible without a CD-ROM, I'll just by the CD-ROM itself later, right out of AISC; namely The seller could have also said that it was "mint condition" though it has been used a handful of times, granted that there are no highlight marks, excessive pencil scribbling, or pages missing. Love the new look and feel, but my only problem is, what the heck should I do with the old green steel bible which I still have in mint condition?

I purchased the Steel Construction Manual for what at first was a secondary reference for my Structural Steel Design course. This book quickly became the most useful textbook I have used throughout my years of schooling. This manual is truly an encyclopedia for steel design, analysis and construction, and tabulated like one as well. In addition to the hardcover and solid build, the books text is second to none in terms of description and the well laid out equations. The table are clear, precise and very easy to navigate and the accompanying CD-Rom is also very useful. The manual provides data for both Allowable Stress Design and Load Resistance Factor Design. This book is guaranteed to be a top reference for structural engineers of any experience range.

I was required to buy this book for a steel design course, and was annoyed at first with how expensive and bulky this book was, since I assumed we would only be using it for the tables. Once I knew how to use the book, though, I grew quite fond of it. Not only are the tables clearly marked, but the Manual and the commentary in the back were better than our textbook at explaining which equations to use and how to apply them. We now call this book our "Bible" because it has helped and guided us through our steel courses, lol. It was the best money I ever spent on a textbook, and I'm not even considering ever giving the "Bible" up.

Product Details :
Leather Bound: 2190 pages
Publisher: American Institute of Steel Construction; 13th edition (February 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 156424055X
ISBN-13: 978-1564240552
Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.4 x 2.2 inches

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